How to Do Om Meditation: Complete Guide for Beginners and Experts

Learn the powerful technique of Om meditation because it provides numerous psychological benefits and promotes a strong sense of inner peace.

Embarking on the journey of Om meditation can be a transformative experience, offering countless benefits such as reduced stress, enhanced focus, and a deeper connection to your inner self.

This powerful practice involves the chanting of “Om” or “Aum“, a universal sound that symbolizes the essence of ultimate reality and consciousness.

To begin, find a quiet, comfortable space where you can sit in a relaxed yet upright position.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, allowing your body and mind to settle.

Then, slowly start to chant “Om“, letting the sound resonate within you.

As you chant, try to become one with the sound, feeling its vibration in every cell of your body.

With each repetition, let your mind dive deeper into tranquility.

This is just the start, continue reading for a comprehensive guide on mastering Om meditation and reaping its full benefits.

Key takeaways:

  • Om meditation reduces stress and enhances focus.
  • Find a quiet space, close your eyes, and chant “Om.”
  • Understand the significance of Om and its symbolism.
  • Enhance your practice with synchronized breathing and visualizations.
  • Align your energy with the universe for unity and self-realization.

Understanding the Significance of OM

understanding the significance of om

Delving deeper, it’s fascinating to uncover the profound symbolism behind OM. The world’s oldest sacred symbol hailing from Hinduism, OM or AUM, embodies all encompassing cosmic vibrations. Each constituent sound ‘Aaa‘, ‘Uuu‘ and ‘Mmm‘, signifies the birth, existence, and the impending dissolution of the universe respectively.

This powerful mantra encapsulates everything from the tangible reality to transcendental realms, thus embodying the essence of the universe. The silence following OM represents Timelessness, a state beyond all dualities, a serene void of infinite potentials.

With this understanding, one is better equipped to begin the OM-centric meditation journey, embarking on a cosmic exploration of sound, vibrational energy, and an understanding of existential reality.

The Process of OM Chanting Meditation

the process of om chanting meditation

First, find a quiet and comfortable location where you won’t be disturbed. Choose a sitting position that allows you to maintain a straight but relaxed posture, whether on a chair, cushion, or mat.

Now get nuanced with your breathing. Slowly inhale deeply, focusing on the air flowing in and exhaling out. As your body relaxes, dampen the rush of thoughts and let your mind be.

Next, synchronize the chant “OM” when exhaling, the syllable is voiced as “A-U-M.” The “A” resonates in the lower part of the body, focusing on our power centers. The “U” rolls over the tongue, vibrating within the throat, characterizing clarity and dynamism. Lastly, the “M” extends the chant by closing the mouth and resonating this sound within the head, correlating with the lighter, more ethereal aspects of our existence.

Let each chant echo through you, the vibrational tone of OM harmonizing your physical, mental, and spiritual planes. After each chant, pause, soak in the silence, and the energy boost. There’s no hurry; the pause and the silence are part of the process.

Remember, the power of the OM meditation lies in the process, not in rushing to a result. Be patient with yourself, approach the practice with openness and without expectations.

Effective Techniques in OM Mantra Meditation

effective techniques in om mantra meditation

First, position yourself in a quiet, comfortable place. Sit in a cross-legged position or on a chair with feet flat on the ground. Keep your spine erect and relax your body.

Close your eyes and take deep breaths to relax and focus, gradually shifting your consciousness inward. As your breathing becomes deeper, allow your mind to calm.

Begin chanting OM, focusing on the vibration of the sound. Let the vibration emanate from your navel area and radiate through your entire body.

Use your breath as an integral part of your chant. Breathe in deeply, and as you breathe out, chant the OM sound. The release of breath should be controlled and steady.

Visualize a bright light or energy field in your navel as you chant, aligning yourself with the universal energy.

Repeated chanting not only helps in concentration but aids in maintaining the rhythm. The more you dive into this rhythm, the deeper your meditative state will become.

Remember, the essence of each OM chant lies in feeling its vibration, the resonance, and synchronizing it with your breath. Now let’s move on to how OM meditation aligns with the universe’s energy.

Aligning Energy With the Universe Through OM Meditation

aligning energy with the universe through om meditation

Observing the vibration of ‘OM’ helps to synchronize your energy with that of the universe. This alignment is all about balancing yourself with the cosmic rhythm and experiencing a profound sense of unity and harmony.

Here are a few key points to deepen your understanding:

  • 1. Vibration: Every sound has a vibration, and the vibration of ‘OM’ particularly aligns with the vibration of the universe, creating a smooth energy flow.
  • 2. Harmony: When our energies are in alignment with the universe, the sense of discord diminishes. This brings about inner peace, positivity, and a stronger connection to the world around you.
  • 3. Self-realization: This aligning process allows you to realize your universal self, transcending beyond your physical body and individual self. This sets the stage for spiritual awakening and enlightenment.
  • 4. Progress Chart: Take note of how you feel pre and post-meditation. Regular practice of OM meditation can result in a transformative shift in your energy, emotions, thoughts, and overall perception.

Always remember, patience is key in this practice. The journey towards aligning energy with the universe is gradual and requires consistent effort.

Enhancing OM Meditation With Sound and Breath Control

Controlling your breath and sound can significantly enhance the experience of OM meditation. Here are a few methods to consider:

1. Diaphragmatic Breathing: In this technique, emphasis is placed on the diaphragm’s movement, filling your lungs fully with air. Breathing deeply promotes relaxation and enhances focus during the OM chanting.

2. Sound Control: A steady, firm sound chant allows uniform vibrations to spread in your body. Relaxation increases as the chant deepens and elongates.

3. Synchronization: To create harmony, align your chanting with the rhythm of your breath. Start chanting OM as you exhale, allowing the sound and breath to end simultaneously.

4. Silence Between Chants: Pause after each chant until the vibrations end completely. This assists in internalizing the vibrations and feeling a deeper connection with the sound.

5. Overcoming Distractions: Close your eyes during meditation to keep distractions at bay. Focus on the sound and feel of your OM chant.

Remember, there is no right or wrong in meditation. These points are simply tools to help deepen your experience. Adapt what works best for you and enjoy the peace OM meditation brings.

Beneficial Effects of OM Chanting

The practice of OM Chanting cascades numerous positive impacts on your mental and physical wellbeing. Firstly, the harmonious vibrations produced during the chant work wonders in reducing stress and anxiety, thereby invigorating a calming effect on your mind. Moreover, engaging in this meditative chant can elevate concentration and focus, enhancing overall cognitive abilities.

Another profound benefit lies in OM’s ability to increase energy levels. The deep, rhythmic inhalation and exhalation involved in OM chanting bolster oxygen levels in the bloodstream, vitalizing the body and mind.

For those seeking spiritual growth, the chant of OM is believed to establish a powerful connection to universal energy, nurturing inner peace and holistic awareness. Regular practice can lead to awakening of the third eye or the sixth chakra, facilitating heightened intuition and self-realization.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that OM chanting promotes better sleep, due to the calming effect on the mind, ensuring a night of deep and restful sleep. It’s an incredible manifestation of the link between sound, breath, and health.

Evaluating Progress in OM Meditation Practice

Progress takes time and patience to observe. It’s normal if you don’t feel immediate benefits from your practice.

One sign of progress may be an increasing sense of calmness and focus throughout the day. As you continue to meditate, you might notice less agitation in response to stressors and negative events. Your overall mood could improve and you may experience a greater feeling of happiness and contentment.

Physical changes are also possible. These could include better sleep patterns and boosted immune response. Any consistent improvement in your physiological well-being might be linked to your practice.

Another potential marker is your growing ability to remain in a meditative state. During your meditation session, you might reach a point where you’re fully absorbed in chanting OM, losing awareness of the outside world. This state, also known as Samadhi, implies a deep unity between your inner self and the universe.

Do remember, individual experiences with OM meditation can vary. The key is to be patient and consistent. Consider keeping a meditation journal to track your personal development. The insights gained from reflecting on your experiences can be quite illuminating.


What are the steps of Om meditation?

The steps of Om meditation involve sitting in a lotus pose, closing your eyes, regulating your breathing, and chanting 'om' while exhaling, which helps open your mind, detoxify the body, and maintain hormonal balance.

How long we should do Om meditation?

The ideal duration for practicing Om meditation is approximately 20 minutes.

Should you say Om when meditating?

Yes, saying Om when meditating can be beneficial as it aligns the mind with the breath, leading to an elevated state of consciousness known as samadhi.

What are the potential benefits of practicing Om meditation consistently?

Om meditation, when practiced consistently, can potentially reduce stress, improve concentration, promote relaxation, enhance mindfulness, and contribute to overall well-being.

Can beginners start their meditation journey with Om meditation?

Yes, beginners can indeed start their meditation journey with Om meditation, as it is an uncomplicated practice that focuses primarily on vocalizing and concentrating on a simple, resonating sound.

Does the time of day affect the effectiveness of Om meditation?

No, the time of day does not affect the effectiveness of Om meditation as its beneficial effects are primarily dependent on consistency and technique.